August 19th, 2006

8-pointed Star

A thought about my day

I'm trying to finish reading Tanya Huff's Smoke and Shadows since it's due back at the library tomorrow. It's pretty good, but I'm having trouble concentrating. Which lead to an observation about my activities today -- I thought at first I was having another low-attention span day, but that's not quite right. Upon reflection I decided what I'm doing reads more like a crochet pattern:

  • Stand up, put new page in the scanner
  • *
  • Sit down, click on 'scan'
  • Pick up book and read a quarter page
  • Insert bookmark
  • Crop the scan and save
  • Stand up, replace the page in the scanner with the next one (end *)
  • Repeat from * 5 times
  • Go down to the basement and perform the next step in the laundry process
  • Return to desk, see what's new on LJ
  • Stop messing with LJ, resume from the first *
  • Repeat above steps a dozen or so times
  • Current Music
    Morphine: Yes