August 15th, 2006

Green eyes

Yesterday, at our house

Last night ladyinfidel came over for pizza. She brought her dog with her, much to our delight and our cats' displeasure. We believe both of our boys were exposed to canines before we adopted them -- but you sure wouldn't know it by how they acted. After trying to climb the curtains, Hamish vanished from sight and didn't reappear until much later. Hector leapt to the top of the futon couch and did his best impersonation of a Halloween cat.

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8-pointed Star

10 things meme

slip_f18 gave me the letter "P" for this meme.

10 things I love that start with the letter P...

1 and 2. peach1250 and polly_b (even though they're people, not things)
3. Porn, especially if it's slash
4. Public libraries
5. Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack
6. Penguins
7. Ponds (particularly those with falling water)
8. Public gardens
9. Pizza
10. Parco, PI

If you want to play, I'll give you a letter.
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