April 19th, 2006

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Bad programming

An article on software failure in the current issue of Electronic Engineering Times reports that in 2003, "the pacemaker of a woman in Japan was accidentally reprogrammed by her rice cooker." Other people have had their implanted medical devices reprogrammed by the act of walking through a metal detector.
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Randomly busy day

Early this morning, we had our AC & furnace tuned up. Last summer the condenser made so much noise I could hear it the moment we got out of the car. This morning it was as quiet as a church mouse. We don't know if the noise level will increase along with higher temperatures, or if a thorough cleaning was all it needed. I suppose we'll find out as Spring turns into Summer.

After the technician left, I walked around the gardens to see what's come up. I was happy to see that the yellow tulips are blooming. If prior experience is any indication, the white and red tulips should flower in another week or so. Another thing I noticed is that the water in the pond has begun to clear. I didn't see any fish, but I did see a thick carpet of leaves laying on the bottom. I'll have to do something about that once the water gets a little warmer.

Amazingly, and in spite of the above, I arrived at work just a few minutes past 9:00. Nothing exceptional happened while I was at the office, although during lunch I took a few minutes and called my mom. She was on her way to the lumber yard with one of my brothers, as today she wanted to choose roofing shingles and kitchen cabinets for her new house. I don't believe the builder has broken ground yet, but that better happen soon. Not only has mom accepted an offer for the farm, but the closing takes place tomorrow. Mom's already starting to pack and tells me that they've emptied everything out of the second storey -- even though she won't need to be out of the house for another six months. Meanwhile, my brother has moved his rabbits to his own barn, Brad's goats have been given a new home, and the horses are being boarded with one of my other brothers' friends.

I hope to spend some time at the farm before my mom gets everything boxed and ready to move, but I have no idea when we'll be able to fit that in. I know we can't go this coming weekend, as we'll be attending Penguicon. I'm looking forward to going -- and hope to have the knitting project I've been working on done in time to use at the convention. I don't generally do any sort of costuming for Penguicon, but this year there's a t-shirt I want to wear, and I knit a small shoulder bag that matches. And, after I got off work, I not only had my hair but, but I made an attempt to dye my hair purple with Grape Cool Aid. From what I read on the web, Cool Aid dye doesn't have much of an effect on brunette hair, but I thought it would be potent enough to color the hair that has already gone grey.

I left the dye (two packages of sugar-free grape Cool Aid mixed into a cup of hair conditioner) on my hair for three hours, but I need better lighting to tell whether or not it worked. Looking at my hair under artificial light, I think the brown become a darker shade and that the grey picked up a a slight purplish tint. I won't believe it worked until I see it under natural sunlight and I get a second opinion.
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