March 29th, 2006

8-pointed Star

Lazy vs. cheap

So, is an iRobot Scooba floor washing robot worth $399.99? I could wash an awful lot of floors for a lot less money, but then that assumes I can actually talk myself into getting out the ol' mop and bucket. And honestly, the reason I don't mop more often isn't that I dislike mopping (even hauling around the heavy bucket of hot soapy water isn't so bad), it's that I hate having to clear off the floors before I can mop. We have flats of canned goods stored under the two free-standing shelving units, plus we have storage crates stored under and next to the kitchen table, not to mention random boxes keep appearing in our kitchen. Still, it's a way cool robot and if I had the cash, I'd buy a pair (one for the first floor and the other for the basement). And I'd buy one of the less expensive vacuuming robots for the hardwood floors on the first floor.

Anybody have a winning lottery ticket they don't want?
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