February 10th, 2006

Helou Peaches

Old and out of the loop

On my drive in to work this morning, I heard a version of Turn the Page on the radio that I'd never heard before. I arrived at the office before the song ended, but liked it so well that I stayed in the car. And then I was lucky enough to have the DJ back announce the name of the band: Metallica.

Once my computer booted, I popped over to google and ran a search to learn the name of the album. Wouldn't you know, it's also Turn the Page? But how is that the release date of the album is way back in 1998 and yet this is the first time I've heard it? jebra may prefer to listen to classical (especially now that he's discovered 90.9, WRCJ-FM), but if I'm in control of the dial, you can bet the radio's tuned to a rock station of one sort or another.
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