October 8th, 2005

New England Aster

What life with me is like

For the past several weeks, I've been migrating genealogy information from Family Tree Maker for Windows (FTW) to GRAMPS. Last night I began comparing photo galleries for the two programs, looking for images loaded into FTW but not GRAMPS. I began with the eldest male in my line and immediately discovered that my only photograph of him is missing. After hours of fruitless search, I concluded that the next best thing would be to export the image from FTW or, failing that, take a screen shot of the page and crop it to size.

Today I brought up FTW and tried to export the image. The only way to "export" an image is to send it to the printer. Feh. That being the case, I brought up whatever program came with my scanner to see if can take screen shots. It can, and it did, but when I exited the software, the tab for the program remained present on the menu bar. *sigh*

I set aside Windows, cropped the image on my Linux box, and went to the kitchen to pour myself another glass of tea. While there, I idly remarked to the husband that computer problems like these make me want to sing Pat Benatar songs. He asked which ones, and I said I didn't know, but the one I was thinking of has "One thing or another" in it. He didn't recognize the tune, so I added the "getcha, getcha, getcha" part. He thought about it for a moment and told me that's "not 'one thing or another,' it's 'one way or another.'" And it's not Pat Benatar, it's Blondie.
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