March 17th, 2005

8-pointed Star

Open Season declared on Hollywood Wives

I'm not a big fan of The Onion, but I think Blake's acquittal should provide lots of fodder. I can envision the prosecutor's office announcing that they will no longer try cases against Hollywood stars; that the cases are too expensive to prosecute and that with the best defense money can buy, the odds of a conviction are too slim to make a trial worthwhile.

Blake's acquittal, by the way, leaves me with mixed emotions. When I was a kid, Baretta was one of my favorite shows and sometimes, when Blake was scheduled as a guest on Johnny Carson's show, I'd stay up late to watch. Blake told good stories about his youth and the hard times he'd gone through. I have fond memories of watching him back then, and that part of me is relieved that he wasn't found guilty. The rest of me, however, suspects he got away with murder.
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Behind the door

How my mind works

I have no idea how my mind works. I don't know why, but after lunch I started thinking about Wolverine. No wait, I do know. I was thinking about fixing my house, which lead to thinking about painting, which lead to me wanting my own cats' house, which lead to wondering what sort of pets I would have if I could have any kind I wanted, which lead to thinking about wolves, lions, and cougars, which in turn lead to thoughts about claws which, ultimately, lead to Wolverine.

Jeez, I should stick this in my LJ; renniekins would be so proud.
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