November 9th, 2004

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Wonderful commentary

The Los Angeles Times printed Robert Scheer's opinion piece He Won. Live With It, for Now., and it's done more to lift my mood since Bush's reelection than anything else that's been said or done since the votes were counted.

And Scheer has some wonderful lines:
The good news is that unless George W. Bush is hoping to provoke Armageddon, life will go on. In fact, there is another national election a mere two years from now. By then, some of the far right now chortling about the possibility of flat taxes, repealing Roe vs. Wade and privatizing Social Security will have found that winning control of a nation on the skids isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

After all, at some point the Bush White House will have to stop blaming the Clinton administration for its own mistakes. If the Republicans running all three branches of our government continue to pile up outrageous debt, shackle scientific progress with religious fundamentalism, erode civil liberties and thrash about uselessly abroad, the responsibility will be all theirs.

Personally, I'm trying to remember that my side lost the election by a mere .001% of the national electorate and that although the votes against gay marriage showed the nation is not yet willing to provide fair and equal treatment to all its citizens, the fact that gay marriage was on the ballot at all proves there's hope for the future. Change may come slowly, but it will come.
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8-pointed Star

A quote so fabulous it needs to be shared...

dglenn quoting xiphias in today's QotD:

"When the aliens come, it will be fen who communicate with them.

"And you know why? It's not just because, well, science fiction fans have THOUGHT about aliens more than most people.

"No, it's because, at a science fiction convention, you can expect that a shomer n'geiah Orthodox Jew will talk to a leather-clad dominatrix and someone dressed in Regency garb. As friends. About hobbit pornography."
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