October 7th, 2004

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Humorless fools

I've long suspected I have a defective sense of humor, but the Republican Party here in Michigan has changed my mind. Michael Moore was in Detroit last week, giving a free outdoor lecture at Wayne State University and doing his best to motivate people to vote in the upcoming lecture. As a part of this effort, he's been giving away gag gifts like Ramen noodles, handing out free underwear and corn chips to prospective voters, and promising to clean dorm rooms in exchange for votes. Light-hearted, right? The Republicans were not amused. They dispatched letters to prosecutors in four counties, seeking action. The party wants Moore charged with violating election law by buying votes — a misdemeanor that could get him 90 days in jail or a $500 fine. Or both.

And I thought I was humorless.
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8-pointed Star

Misdirection, defined

  1. an incorrect charge to a jury given by a judge

  2. incorrect directions or instructions.
    Example: Vice President Dick Cheney sent viewers of Tuesday's debate to the wrong website; instead of sending them to factcheck.org, he told them to go to factcheck.com. Unfortunately for Cheney, rather than finding an independent analysis of Cheney's involvement with Halliburton, visitors were re-directed to George Soros' website georgesoros.com — a site devoted to the topic "why we must not re-elect President Bush."

  3. management that is careless or inefficient
    Example: Sending troops to Iraq in order to destroy weapons of mass destruction programs — programs that, according to a report issued by chief weapons searcher Charles Duelfer, had already deteriorated into nothing but hopes and dreams by the time of the U.S.-led invasion.

  4. the act of drawing someone's attention away from something:
    Example: Sony Music Entertainment has announced it will stop publishing copy-protected CDs. Was this because they don't work in all players and because consumers hate them? No, according to Sony, the company has decided to stop selling hamstrung CDs because Sony's "message against illegally copying... has widely sunk in."
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