July 26th, 2004

8-pointed Star

Pissed off


I keep seeing commercials on CourtTV for Al Roker Investigates: Katie.com. And since I watch tv with my fingers on the keyboard, I went to katie.com to see if it's a real address and if it is, what it's about.

And guess what, katie.com is the name of a book, not the actual web address. And, worse, the site belongs to a woman who has, through no fault of her own, had her life and her website linked to the tale of internet stalking and child molestation told in the book.

Katie Jones (the owner of katie.com) writes:

I note with interest that your book was originally going to be titled "girl.com" and yet it was changed before publication to my domain name. Was this because girl.com is a pornography site? This shows, to me, an awareness on your part that naming the book after a domain name was significant. It's a shame you didn't consider the significance your actions would have to me.

And now Al Roker's advertising the wrong site in his ads... even though Katherine Tarbox has her own website (www.katieT.com and it would be just as easy to use it instead of Katie Jone's site.
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