April 17th, 2004

8-pointed Star

Damn cat

Why am I awake at this early hour? Because Hamish woke me up with his incessant nuzzling, patting, and purring. I pushed him away several times, but when he rubbed his cold and wet nose against my formerly dry one, I felt compelled to get up and wash my face.

With a once again clean and dry nose, I went out to the kitchen for a drink of water, and began hiccuping along the way. I'm one of those unlucky souls who, when I get the hiccups, keep them for at least fifteen minutes. And the various folk remedies that have been recommended over the years have repeatedly proven to have no effect on their strength or duration.

Not wanting to wake up Gabe, who is so sleep-deprived it isn't funny, I came out here to my computer and caught up on the news. Discovered a fascinating article on the forensic analysis of the chemical composition of bullets, too.

My hiccups have finally stopped, so one more quick pass through email and then I'm heading back to bed.