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Date: 2005-11-26 09:20
Subject: A day to remember
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Yesterday was a red letter day in my book. For those who don't know, we bought a used car from one of our relatives and had to fly down to Florida to get it. The Spouse had the idea to have Thanksgiving with his parents and Grandmother, since not only do they winter in Zephyrhills, but that's also where the car was parked. Thanksgiving day we spent hanging out with the folks, walking around their mobile home park. (I have never seen so many mobile homes in my life. Zephyrhills should have been named Mobilehomesville if you ask me; it's not as pretty a name as Zephyrhills but its a lot more accurate, not to mention easier to spell.)

Yesterday we began the long drive home to Michigan. Our first stop, however, was near Orlando. My brother spent Thanksgiving with his mother and step-father, and since I wanted to meet them, not to mention see my brother and play with his dog, we drove over. I could certainly see a family resemblance between my brother and his mom, and I think she's where he got his sense of humor from too. After a short but enjoyable visit, we returned to the car and began the drive to maddiec24's house.

As if there could have been any doubt, maddiec24 is even more wonderful in person than she is here in LJ land. And her husband's a swell guy too. We had a fun time visiting but all to soon it was time to get on the road and continue our drive north.

It was near midnight when we stopped at the Best Western in Adairsville, Georgia. The room cost more than I wanted to spend, but I was too tired to argue with the clerk or to get back into the car and drive to another establishment. I forked over my credit card, and a couple of signatures later I was given the key to room 124. jebra got the computer set up and I got ready for bed. I meant to stay up and wait for him to finish so that I could post to LJ, but I laid down to wait and started to fall asleep. By the time he wrapped up his stuff, I was too tired to try to write. He turned off the lights, came to bed -- and almost immediately we heard water running. He got up, turned on the bathroom light, and saw water falling from the light fixture in the ceiling into the center of the bathroom floor. Not good.

He got me out of bed, we put our clothes back on, and went to talk to the desk clerk on duty. Who apologized, gave us to a room with a hot tub we were too exhausted to use, and let us get on with the task of moving our stuff from one room to the other.
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