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Swearing vs. Squeee

Our @#$@#!! replacement Dish Network provided digital video recorder has taken to deleting "protected" recordings, including the most recent Inspector Lewis. I had a feeling it had deleted the show when I heard a suspicious clunk after the show ended (I was home by then, but didn't turn on the tv as I have been making a concerted effort to get more sleep). When I went to bed last night there was only one item remaining on the the play list -- the most recent episode of Psyche -- but I heard the DVR clunk last night when #@!^% cramps got me out of bed at 2:30 in the morning. I won't be at all surprised if it's missing when I check the playlist after work tonight.

I'm so annoyed by the whole thing I'm considering canceling Dish Network. It isn't that I doubt their willingness to send me another unit, it has to do with the thought that if I took the money I'm spending on Dish, I could not only afford to buy more DVDs but I'd also have time to watch them. And it isn't as if I'm enthralled with this season's offerings. I love Inspector Lewis, but the episode the DVR deleted on Sunday was the last one of the season -- and it is available on line until the end of the month. I'm enjoying The Mentalist, CSI, and NCIS but I bet I can find those on hulu. I also watch Lie to Me, L&O, and House on a fairly regular basis (and I would be watching Castle if the blasted DVR hadn't deleted every single episode of the current season before I had a chance to watch them), but Castle is on hulu, and honestly, I think I prefer House and Lie to Me fanfic to the shows themselves.

And now, I'm off to squee at Inspector Lewis. Hooray for PBS putting it online.
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