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Driveby Update

I need a vacation to recover from the weekend.

Saturday found us at my brother's auto repair shop in Saranac. Our car has been misbehaving for a couple of weeks. We were pretty sure the problem had to do with the mass airflow sensor, but the replacement Jebra got on ebay didn't fix the problem. Turns out the replacement wasn't much better than our original and needed to be replaced. We also got a tune-up and oil change out of the repair, and the motor sounds so much happier now.

While we were at my brother's we also got to visit with my mother, who came over in between packing for the trip she's taking to Cape Cod and the trip itself.

My brother and his renter are both heavy smokers, which meant that as soon as we got home everything needed to go in the wash. And I mean everything, from our jackets to our underwear. And we needed showers as our skin and hair weren't any better.

Sunday was Dead Bird, our college crowd's annual get-together. Chicken, as usual, was a large part of the meal. Mel baked several sheets of chicken wings and Lisa made her fabulous chicken curry. Dealer brought two kinds of cookies; molasses and sorghum. Jebra made baked beans. And of course there were other things, rice to go with the chicken curry, chips & salsa, ice cream, and assorted other munchies.

I'd hoped to catch up with Jebra's cousin's wife to have her pick scarves for their girls, but that didn't work out. I suppose it was just as well as we didn't get home until 9:30 or 10:00. I took a quick glance at my email, dreamwidth, and LJ, then went to bed.

And fell asleep three times on the drive to work this morning. (Good thing Jebra was driving.)
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