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Catching up on a few things

After nearly a solid year of procrastination, my black jeans are no longer on top of my file cabinet at work. They are now at the tailor shop being shortened.

Another thing off my to-do list is ordering a (mail-order) refill of one of my prescriptions. With a little bit of luck, it'll get here before I run out.

I also spent some time fighting with my cellphone this afternoon. I have a Palm Centro and the fool thing has a serious design defect -- the only way to do a hard reset is to remove the battery, and the only way to get to the battery is to remove the battery door -- which is not only slick, but has no specific point to apply pressure in order to create the friction needed to disengage the cover. After much grumbling and several bent fingernails, I managed to get the cover off and the memory card out, which finally allowed me to transfer a handful of photos from my phone to my desktop. Which lead to the creation of this scrapbook page.

Tags: rl, scrapbooking, the a-team

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