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Outsourced to India? - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
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Date: 2005-10-31 14:57
Subject: Outsourced to India?
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Does anyone know whether Dish Network has outsourced customer service to India? I couldn't say enough nice things about the people in their customer service and technical support departments when we first became customers. For the past three or four months, however, we've been experiencing problems with our system and the technical support people have not been able to do more than suggest we stop watching the channels that cause our PVR to lock up or that we purchase a newer model PVR. I am unwilling to spend the money, particularly when I keep seeing ads indicating that one of the benefits of becoming a Dish Network customer is a free PRV.

Today I called to learn whether Dish Network offered a no-cost hardware upgrade in exchange for a one or two-year contract. They don't. In fact, I was told that free DVRs are offered only to new clients. The gentleman with whom I spoke indicated that Dish Network invested between $500 and $600 in me when I first became a customer and that asking for more was greedy. Seeing as I've been a loyal Dish Network customer for two and a half years and that they have undoubtedly made money off of me during that time, I don't think I'm being unreasonable. In fact, I think that if Dish Network has to choose between supporting existing customers and attracting new ones, the correct choice is to support current subscribers.

My recent conversations with people at Dish Network make me suspect that customer service has been outsourced. The representatives do not seem to fully comprehend my words and, worse, they seem to be operating from the assumption that my main desire is to steal free service and products. Actually, what I'd like to do is sign another two-year agreement in exchange for a PVR or DVR that works with the channels I am paying to receive.
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User: maddiec24
Date: 2005-10-31 20:11 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
It's likely that they have outsourced customer support to India - - a lot of companies have done that. J read that a lot of computer companies, Dell ets, I forget which ones, have done that. You know we have our dsl with Direcway. I don't know if I told you or not - - probably I did, since I *always* bitch about stuff like that to you - - J and I once spent about 3 hours talking to customer support in India, and it ended with me seriously insulting the guy.

As for Dish not offering anything to their loyal customers, that's been a complaint of ours for some time. Every time J calls( I don't talk to them) to ask about a deal we might want to take advantage of, he's told it's only for new customers. Apparently they figure they already have us, we don't deserve any kind of deal. Although I notice we always get to take advantage of an increase in pricing.
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Instigator of Inappropriate Imagery
User: kevinnickerson
Date: 2005-10-31 20:49 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I'm happy with my DirecTivo. I've only had to call customer support once, and they were friendly and helpful. Maybe it's time to dump Dish.

That said, there have always been better deals for new customers than for old. Look at magazine subscriptions for example. There's almost always a new subscriber card, and it almost never is allowed to be used to re-up. They're banking on inertia.
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