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Yesterday, being the first Saturday of the month, The Southeast Michigan Gluttony Society met. We had much yummy stir-fry, some great conversations, and an altogether enjoyable time. During the gathering, those of us with cats were also given sample Pawbreakers by dizzi_d.

Pawbreakers don't smell like anything to me (but then with my allergies, how would I know?) but the scent must be extremely tantalizing to cats as no sooner did we get home but one of our cats began searching my book-bag. I toed off my shoes, grabbed still-sealed package with the Pawbreaker, and unwrapped it for them. The cats then spent several minutes batting it around our kitchen floor. I'm sure they'd have been at it for considerably longer, however we soon realized that the sound of the ball rolling around on the bare floor would prevent our houseguests from getting any sleep. jebra consfiscated the Pawbreaker and gave it to me to hide. I put in on the desk in my home office and closed the door. Seconds later I saw a cat open the door begin prowling the room. Obviously, Pawbreakers require special measures. I sealed ours into what I hoped was an air-tight plastic bag and put it in my filing cabinet. As the cabinet is only two drawers in height, I wasn't sure this would be enough, but fortunately the cats have not yet figured out how to release the catch.

Although I'm sure it will put us at risk of increasing the already surprising problem-solving capabilities of our wee beasts, I think I'm going to have to buy more of these for the lads.

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