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A while back I had the misfortune to hear one of my nephews spout off about the tsunami and how terrible it was that the world expects Americans to help out whenever there's a disaster but how no one ever comes to our aid when one strikes here. I wish he would read josanpq's post regarding Canada's readiness to help and our so-called leader's unwillingness to grant permission.

I thought Bush was a coward when he wouldn't meet with Cindy Sheehan and that the compassion he claims to feel for mothers who have lost their children during his ill-advised war was suspect. After reading Josan's post and the many responses to it, I suspect Bush's familiarity with compassion extends only to the dictionary definition, not the emotion itself.

Canada, I love you. To everyone who has offered help, please accept my sincere thanks. To George Bush and his cronies, get a clue. Your actions speak louder than your words.
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