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Weekend update

It was a busy weekend and I'm tired today. We worked late on Friday, went shopping, and watched Bullett.

Saturday, jebra had the tires on the car rotated and did some shopping while I stayed home and caught up on Quicken. After dinner, we, along with mbumby, went to a house-party. I hung out in the living room with my crochet hook and yarn along with the knitters and a few other folks. I had to go home after my allergy meds wore off, but I had fun and got to see a few folks, so as far as I was concerned, it was all good.

After breakfast on Sunday the three of us went to the zoo. It was cold and a little overcast, but between jebra and myself, we got a few good photos. We were hungry again by the time we left, so we drove over the The Chicken Shack for lunch. Afterwards, jebra and mbumby dropped me off at the house before doing a little shopping. I downloaded the photos we'd taken, startled a kettle for tea, and settled in with my crochet. We watched a Columbo, then it was time for mbumby to go home. I continued crocheting until I'd completed two sections of the afghan I'm making for the Moonridge Zoo auction, then whipped together the following scrapbook page. By the time I was done I was too tired to do anything other than crawl into bed, so that's exactly what I did.

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