Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Last weekend vs. this

Last weekend was frustrating. I spent my time trying to wrap up a bunch of projects but didn't knock a single one off my to-do list. By the time we finally got home Sunday night (we'd gone in to the office since I needed lots of table space for what I was working on), I found myself wishing I could rewind the clock.

This weekend I didn't expect to get anything done. For one thing, it was SEMGS. Plus I wanted to catch up on sleep. Contrary to my expectations, I managed to get some sleep, to catch up on dishes and the laundry, clean the upstairs bathroom, and knit the equivalent of one Jayne hat. Plus I managed to take a decent photo of our incredibly-difficult-to-shoot cats.

Tags: cats, photos, scrapbooking, semgs
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