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It's only 3 pm and I'm worn out

It's been a busy past few days. Work's been keeping me busy, wrapping up accounting for 2008 and getting everything in place for 2009. We ended up working a little late on Friday, then it was off to dinner (at my current favorite family restaurant), then home long enough to bring in the mail and retrieve our theater tickets. The Baldwin's current production is La Cage aux Folles. The theater was nearly at capacity, which was nice to see after the previous show. I'm sure the low attendance for that opening night was because it was Halloween, but still. The staff and actors work so hard to put on a good show; it hurts to see all that effort go unappreciated.

I enjoyed the show and I was jazzed up when we got home. So even though it was 11 p.m., I came out here and caught up on LJ and moved some files around.

Saturday morning I woke up surprisingly early by my standards, and came back out to the living room. One of the stations was showing Snapped, so I watched that for an hour or so while I worked on my afghan, thought about what I wanted to take with me when we went in to the office, and waited for jebra to wake up.

By the time we were showered and dressed and had stuff piled up the by door, it looked like we were going away for a long weekend. In addition to my sewing machine, I had three big piles of fabric, my knitting needles and crochet hooks, a self-healing cutting mat and circular blades, plus a small collection of thread, bobbins from our old sewing machine, and our lunch.

The reason we were going to work was because jebra was migrating a bunch of stuff from one computer to another and didn't want to do that during working hours (when the systems would therefore be unavailable to clients). I went in because I had a couple of work-related things I wanted to do and because work has a lot more table space than we do at the house and I'd be able to to spread out my material and work more efficiently.

I finished up the needle roll I started at Joe & Lisa's last weekend and made a second for my crochet hooks, cut quilt pieces from a pair of old jeans, and ironed the bag of quilting material I'd brought with me. I also made such a mess of the lunch room it took nearly an hour to put away my crafting stuff, clean the tables, and vacuum the carpet. It was 10:00 p.m. before we left work and midnight before we got home. We would have reached the house sooner if we hadn't detoured to the post office to mail a few letters and check our PO box. Downtown was interesting though - I've never seen snow medians before but that's what I saw in the middle of the street. At the post office I had to cross one and discovered they're a little taller than knee high and western saddle wide. I thought for sure I was going to lose my footing and end up sitting on the darn thing but I amazed myself and crossed without incident.

Then, we finally got home, we had to shovel the eight inches or so of snow that had fallen during the previous 18 hours. Digging through that much snow wasn't fun, but at least it was a relatively balmy 24 degrees when we did. Compared to the below zero temperatures we've been having, 24 degrees honestly felt warm.

Once again I stayed up to catch up on LJ, watch more crime on tv, and knit for a little bit. It isn't often that I get to sew, knit and crochet all in the same day. At 1:30, I called it a night and went to bed.

This morning I was up around 10:00 (again, early by my standards for a weekend). I had my breakfast, fed the cats, and started laundry. While the washing machine did its thing I washed dishes, repaired a hole in one of jebra's sweaters, and hand-sewed three pieces of denim together for something I'm making to hold the wrenches jebra uses when he's repairing equipment in the band room.
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