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Bad News / Good News

We were just starting to pack the car this morning when jebra's cellphone rang. It was his brother, asking if we were aware of his wife's mother's medical situation. No, we weren't. As it turns out, she's in hospice and is not expected to last much longer. This being the case, our visit down to Indiana will be postponed for a few weeks. My reaction: sorrow for my sister-in-law, neice and newphews, and happy for not having to spend any nights away from home.

Also in the good news category, this means we can go to SEMGS*! It'll be at dizzi_d's and the theme is pot pie. Yummm! And best of all -- doggies! dizzi_d posted a video of them playing yesterday and I bet he won't mind if I share the URL.

*South-East Michigan Gluttony Society. Since 1987, the group gathers on the first Saturday of the month for Friends, Conversation, and Stupid Amounts of Food.
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