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Three more random things

Last night, on the way home from dinner, we spotted a coyote in Farmington. I'd heard they had returned to the suburbs, but this was the first time I've ever seen one.

Yesterday on the way to dinner, I dropped off three scarves, a hat, and earmuffs at Common Ground Youth Sanctuary. I also inquired about volunteering, but that's a back-burner project for 2009.

This afternoon, while running out to fetch lunch for the office, I popped in at the Michigan Humane Society and dropped off 14 catmint-stuffed toy fish for their kitties. I'll call back in a week or so, to see how well they worked out for/at the shelter. If they like them, I'll make more. I have a big bunch of catmint drying in our kitchen window and a baggie of already dried and crumbled catmint on the desk in my home office.
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