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The FCB's Halloween Concert took place yesterday

I took some 150+ photos, but only a handful were worth keeping. I never know what settings to use and whatever I picked yesterday produced very dark and grainy images. Bah.

Nevertheless, I scrapped a page to show off the few that did turn out and to highlight my favorite things. The crew decorates the stage differently every year and every year it turns out great. The crew is, in part, comprised of band students from one of the areas Junior High Schools. jebra can undoubtedly tell you which one was this year; I've already forgotten. The kids did a great job with decorating the lobby and stage, introducing each piece, prefaced by one of the traditional horrible riddles (What's the mummy's favorite type of music? Rap!), and their own costumes.

The band played a nice selection of music but for me the best part was jebra's performance on an old Smith-Corona typewriter.

Tags: concert, fcb, spooktacular
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