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Progress? - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
and trying not to drown

Date: 2004-05-12 13:26
Subject: Progress?
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The Metro Times, my favorite source for stories that the mainstream papers are too chickenshit to print, has brought back the Abandoned Structure Squad. I've been intrigued by abandoned buildings for a long time and have long applauded the squad's articles. Paging through my archive, I see one of the first stories I saved was "Detroit Loves a Good Demolition" from the Feb. 25 - March 3, 1987 issue. Seventeen years, countless Demolished by Neglect posters, and still the city crumbles.
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User: jebra
Date: 2004-05-12 13:24 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
What do you think of the idea of setting aside a Saturday to hunt abandoned buildings and photograph them?

Or maybe a weekday evening, given how the Summer's filling up. I bet some of the buildings would look even neater with the sun at a low angle.
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Instigator of Inappropriate Imagery
User: kevinnickerson
Date: 2004-05-12 19:48 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I'd recommend low angle light and a scantily clad babe in front, but that's just me.
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User: jebra
Date: 2004-05-13 08:03 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
My success rate at getting scantily-clad babes to ride in the care through run-down neighborhoods hasn't been very good.

Not since the restraining order, at any rate.
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