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Missing memories

My memory is shot to hell. I know I'm missing at least a year thanks to sleep apnea, but there are days things still don't register. Or things register for a while, then they drift off to who-knows-where. The missing memory currently vexing me is concerns a tv detective who recently (i.e., earlier this season) adopted a dog from the SPCA or Humane Society. I remember the dog is mostly white and looks to be at least part pit bull, but that's *all* I can remember. I can't tell you what show this was on, which detective adopted him, I can't even tell you if the detective was black or white. He was male though -- I remember that much. I think I've narrowed the show down to Law & Order or L&O:SVU. Does anybody out there know who adopted the dog? I'm hoping it was one of the guys on L&O not SVU. If was SVU, I fear it was Chester Lake. If it was Lake, it just makes me all the more pissed about the season finale.
Tags: dogs, health, memory, sleep apnea, tv
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