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Bounced Feedback

The other day I read Dolimir's story Sleeping for the first time. I'm trying to be better about sending feedback and immediately sent a few words to the address in the story headers. Which came bouncing back moments later. How do other readers deal with undeliverable feedback?

In this particular case I'm going to cut & paste my response below, but if there's a better way of dealing with the problem I want to know what it is.

Heya, Dolimir,

I have no idea when you wrote and/or posted 'Sleeping,' but I just finished reading it for the first time and have got to say that I think it's fantastic. I love how you wove a prestory for the guys that's completely believable. Not to mention I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jim's interactions with everyone, especially Pro, and the pimp/whore who wanted Blair for himself.

All the best,


Tags: fandom, fanfic, feedback
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