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One thing leads to another - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
and trying not to drown

Date: 2005-02-20 17:38
Subject: One thing leads to another
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Music:Animal Precient
I've been reading and deleting old email all day. As I get jumpy when the house is too quiet, I turned on the tv to keep my company. One of the shows that came on was Life of Grime, a documentary-type show about New York City's environmental health officers. One of the segments on the episode concerned a woman who is a compulsive collector and whose landlord wants to evict her from her rent-controlled apartment on the grounds that the amount of stuff in her apartment presents a fire hazard. Needing professional help to empty her apartment, the woman hired a company called Disaster Masters. I wondered if the company has a website and hit google, which lead to a page about a guy threatening to eat his pet rabbit unless he receives $50,000 in donations. More than $14,000 has been donated thus far. I have mixed feelings about what this guy's doing. On the one hand, it seems obvious that more than a few people are willing to fork over money to prevent this rabbit turn into dinner. On the other, are we such an urban people that the idea of consuming an animal we've met before it appears shrink-wrapped in the store has become abhorrent to us? And on the third hand, why didn't I think of extorting money the way this guy's doing? I could certainly use $50K.
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